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Checkers and Rally’s is one of the biggest drive thru (double drive thru) restaurants in the US. They are based out of Columbia and operated in 28 states n the US. They too have their own customer feedback survey, named guestobsessed survey, in which their customers can participate and get a free sandwich in return for a free sandwich. Here we are providing a step by step guide on completing the Guest Obsessed survey and more in this page, read on!



guestobsessed: Prerequisites

guest obsessed

Here are the prerequisites for the guestobsessed survey:

  • The receipt from Checkers and Rally’s must not be older than a month.
  • You must be having basic internet access sing a laptop or PC.
  • Also you must be having knowledge of English or Spanish.

guestobsessed: Rules


Before you start Guest Obsessed survey, follow the rules:

  • You must be 18 years old or more.
  • You must be a permanent resident of the United States of America.
  • You should not be anyway related to an employee of Checkers and Rally’s.

guestobsessed: Rewards

guestobsessed com

The reward for completing the Checkers and Rally’s survey is a free sandwich on your next visit.

How to Complete Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey Online?


Now we explain you how to complete the guestobsessed survey from Checkers and Rally’s below:

  1. Visit the link given below to access the Checkers and Rally’s survey, it is the official website of the survey, You can also visit the link by typing it on the address bar on your browser.
  2. Now, on the next page, you will be asked to enter two details:
    1. 4 digit store number
    2. Date of your visitguest obsessed surveycheckers survey
  3. After entering this from your receipt from the recent visit, click on the “Start” button.
  4. Now on the next page, you’ll be asked many questions, firstly if it was a Drive Thru or Walk up.
  5. Next you’ll be asked about the time of the day you visited, you can select both from the options from the list.
  6. Next, you’ll be asked about some more questions, and you’re supposed to select the options such as:
    1. Highly Satisfied
    2. Satisfied
    3. Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied
    4. Dissatisfied
    5. Highly Dissatisfied
  7. You’ll be asked questions such as:
    1. Friendliness of the cashier
    2. Overall cleanliness of the restaurant
    3. Visual appeal of your food
    4. Speed of the order
    5. Taste of the food
    6. Ease of understanding of the order taker
  8. Rate them according to your opinion accordingly .
  9. On the next page, you’ll be asked “Do you have a problem during your experience?“.
  10. If you did face any issues click on “No” and go on to type in your detailed opinion on your issues faced.
  11. Afer that click “Next“.
  12. Now you’ll be asked why you selected Checkers and Rally’s, select the correct reason from the list given below.
  13. Now after all these steps, your GuestObsessed survey will finish. And you’ll be given a “validation code“.
  14. You can use this code on your next visit to Checkers and Rally’s to redeem a free sandwich.

About Checkers and Rally’s


Checkers and Rally’s are one of them best drive-thru restaurant in the United States. Operating in more than 28 states altogether, the restaurant chain acquires quite a significant part of Columbia.

Originally Checkers and ralleys were two separate companies that got merged in 1999 August. The ralleys served in Midwest while checkers was serving in Southeast. The company currently has its nerve centre in Tampa Florida.

Founded in 1986, checkers was originally owned by Jim Mati. The company was publicized in 1991.


The first advertisement included or slogan named high-performance human fuel that remained famous from 1999 to 2000 end. The television campaigns featured a woman that remaining cause weight of fast food. Peter was responsible for the animated illustrations of the advertisements.

During September 2007, the agency reconstructed its advertisement campaigns and brought out several changes in its slogan. The slogan was changed to little place big test that could be seen till October 2007. Also, the chain integrated a character called rap cat who performed dance rap on behalf of the food chain. The ad campaign became much popular on YouTube and the video went viral.

Initially, the company also distributed basketball Jersey and paper bag which had cat as the main slogan. By 2014 the company again changed the main character of the advertisement campaign and integrated on you character called Mr.Bag who used to talk about the brand in the commercials.

What does it serve?

The restaurant chain served hot dogs, French fries, chicken, burgers and other varieties of our school. It also serves desserts that are much ordered by the visitors.

Mission of the organization

The main mission of Checkers and ralleys is to open up more restaurant change all over the globe. Also, the company aims at serving top quality meals at Great Value. It also undertakes accuracy and speed through the double drive-through lanes. The restaurant has well trained and educated employees who are rewarded every now and then for providing great customer support.

The main target of the company is true providing best obsessed high-quality Hospitality service.

The management summary of the food chain

The company is currently split equally in 3 owners named Meredith guarco, Michael Anthony and Kori gedin. It is particularly known to have a positive team effort. It is working harder to maintain a better working environment and creating specialized services. The relationship with customers is also paid much attention.


The restaurant chain brings you double toaster melts as one of the best food varieties. For a quite long time, checkers and ralleys tried to provide American style spicy pepper Jack Cheese. However, the toasted double melt remained the favorite of the customers, so it had to re-launch it once again.

The warm, crispy, juicy, seasoned and tasty burger is stuffed with beef patties and grilled onions are what Checkers and ralleys sell. To make eateries more delighting, cheese sauce and Mayo combination is used. Served fresh on the desk, each burger from Checkers and ralleys is the favorite of every customer.

Need Help?


Guest Obsessed Survey Customer Support Phone

If you need help regarding anything related to the guestobsessed survey, contact them using the toll free customer service phone number given below:


(813) 283-7000

Guest Obsessed Survey Email Support

There’s also their email support, which is given below:

Checkers and Rally’s Mailing Address

Below given is the mailing address of Checkers and Rally’s restaurant:

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
4300 West Cypress St., Suite 600
Tampa, Florida
United States

Checkers and Rally’s Social Media Support

You can get better customer support from them using social media, as the brands tend to care a lot about their brand image on social media. Below given are social media profiles of Checkers and Rally’s:


I hope you were able to complete the guestobsessed survey from Checkers and Rally’s, and were able to get the validation code from them. Remember the validation code is required to get a free sandwich from them on the next visit. Without it, you won’t be able to redeem it. Do let us know your opinion about Guest Obsessed survey on the comments section given below.

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