Kroger Feedback – Enter KrogerFeedback survey & win upto $5000 as Gift Cards

Complete the Kroger Feedback survey & win $5000 & $100 gift cards now!

Kroger or “The Kroger Company” is one of the biggest American retail chain company, founded by Bernard Kroger. Kroger, like any other good company is interested in hearing their customer’s voice & feedback. For that, they’ve created the Kroger Feedback survey program, where you can give in your opinion about them in exchange for a chance to win $5000 or $100 gift cards from Kroger. Read on to know more about Krogerfeedback survey & how to complete that with a step by step guide.

Survey Name krogerfeedback
Rewards Chance to win $5000 or $100 gift cards.
Store Receipt Required? Yes
Link to Survey

Kroger Feedback

kroger feedback

Kroger Feedback: Prerequisites

kroger feedback prerequisites

Below given are the prerequisites of KrogerFeedback survey you must be looking at before you start to the Krogerfeedback survey:

  • You must be having the recent receipt from McDonald’s, which is not more than 7 days old.
  • You should be having basic internet access, preferably through a PC.

Kroger Feedback: Rules

kroger feedback rules

Also check out the rules of the Krogerfeedback survey:

  • Kroger survey is available to only the legal residents of 50 states of US (excluding Florida, New York & Rhode Island) and the District of Columbia.
  • No one related to an employee of the Kroger can take part in the survey or sweepstakes.
  • 12 winners will be selected at random.
  • You must have the physical receipt of the last visit.
  • The prizes and rules can be changed by Kroger without any notice anytime.

Kroger Feedback: Prizes

kroger feedback reward

  • One Grand Prize consisting of $5000 in Kroger gift cards.
  • 100 prizes consisting of $100 Kroger gift cards.

How to complete Kroger Feedback Survey?

kroger feedback step by step guide

Follow the below given steps to complete the KrogerFeedback survey:

  1. First of all, visit the official website of Kroger Feedback, which is Type this in the address bar of your browser or click on the button below.
  2. After clicking on the button, you’ll be taken to the official website, where you’ll be asked to enter three things based on your previous visit to the Kroger store:
    1. Date
    2. Time
    3. Entry IDkrogerfeedback
  3. Enter the date & time asked as per your last visit. Also find the Entry ID that is given on your last receipt. After entering those, you can click on the “Start” button.
  4. You can also select “Espanol“, if you want to continue the survey in Spanish.
  5. After clicking on the “Start” button, you must select from a list of following option, select the option which departments you visited in Kroger:
    1. Pharmacy counter
    2. Bakery such as freshly baked breads, cakes, bagels, donuts and cookies
    3. Meat/seafood
    4. Produce
    5. Dairy
    6. Deli
    7. Center store food Aisles such as dry goods, canned goods and frozen foods
    8. Health and beauty
    9. Household supplies such as cleaning, paper and laundry products.
    10. Organic/Natural food
    11. Customer services desk
    12. Other
  6. From this list, select the correct ones you’ve visited. And click “Next”.
  7. On the next page, you would be given the option to rate your shopping experience with Kroger. Like given below:
    1. Easiness of finding products.
    2. Number of checkout lanes which are open.
    3. Store cleanliness.
    4. Employees knowing the stuff in the store correctly.
    5. If the sale items on stock.
    6. Price scanning correctly
  8. After completing all these, you’ll be asked some more questions such as, if you’d be interested in providing your email address for getting promos and coupon codes in your mail & if you’d like to take part in their sweepstakes.
  9. Click yes for both of the options
  10. On the next page, you’ve to enter your email address & your contact email. Enter both to complete the survey.
  11. You’ll be contacted by your email given if you’re selected in the sweepstakes.

Kroger Feedback: Winner Notification

Winner will be notified through phone, email or postal mail, according to the means of communication you’ve provided at the end of the survey.

About Kroger

Supermarkets are a source of convenience for us. All our necessities are enshrined in one place under one roof. Supermarkets have been a growing business since the late 19th century. So many supermarket stores and their chains have been rooted in different countries. Among these large companies, one such company is Kroger. If you live in the United States, it is impossible that you haven’t heard the name of Kroger.

Kroger is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the USA. It is the largest supermarket chain in the USA regarding revenue and second largest regarding the general retailer around the country. It is the twenty-third largest company in the USA. Kroger either operates directly or uses franchise and subsidiaries. It has its stores located in more than 34 states. Usually, every Kroger store would comprise of supermarkets, departmental stores or convenience stores or all of them. Kroger delivers quality ensured products related to day to day use at extremely affordable prices.

You can almost find everything of your utility from food to sanitary equipment here under one roof. Being one of the largest companies in the USA regarding retail and revenue, Kroger is deemed to gain popularity due to its exceptional customer service, high-quality items, and cost-effective price structure. Convenient stores charge more than local ones due to the service they provide you while you are shopping. However, Kroger takes no such charge. It delivers products to you at marginal rates and good quality.

What all can you find here?

The list is abnormally long to point out each and everything you may find here. But a general explanation can be done. Regarding food, you will be able to get vegetables, frozen meat, frozen foods, snacks, desserts and ready to eat frozen dishes. Regarding convenience, you can find almost everything such as bathroom essentials, housekeeping stuff, decorative items and so on. You can also find clothes for you and your family at the same place, footwear, accessories, and clothes for adults and kids can be found. You can find electrical appliances, electronic items, and devices here. You can even find things such as furniture, sanitary equipment, decorative sets for your home here at great prices.

Great opportunity

Not only convenience, but Kroger also offers discounts, cash offers, and combos for you to get benefited from. You can avail cash discounts, and discounts provided time to time on limited products or coupons provided to you especially. All these incentives are offered to customers to allure them into shopping here. You get two benefits while shopping at Kroger.

First, you get items at the marginal price and not at very high rates like other convenient stores. Secondly, you get additional discounts and seasonal offers for you where you can get the items at even lower prices. All this under one roof at Kroger with the essential quality check is what differentiates Kroger from the rest of supermarket chains. It is one of the best supermarket chains for Americans.

Need Help?

If you need any help regarding the survey, do contact their customer service, contacting them are given below:

Kroger customer service phone number

Below given is the customer service toll free phone number to contact the Krogerfeedback customer service:

1-800-576-4377 (1-800-KRO-GERS)

Kroger Mailing Address

Below given is the mailing address of Kroger’s which you can use to mail the addresses:

The Kroger Co.
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Kroger Feedback

I hope you’ve completed the Kroger Feedback customer survey, do let us know you opinion about the survey and what you think about it. Also, rate the experience with them using the rating button given below.

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