mybkexperience – Complete the Burger King Experience Survey & Get a FREE Whopper or Chicken Sandwich

Complete the mybkexperience survey & get a free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich

Burger King, as you know it is one of the best destination to get a Burger from. It is also one of the biggest restaurant chains from the US, around the world. As they care alot about their customer’s opinion of them, they’re conducting a customer survey, named mybkexperience, where the customers who visited Burger King can trade their opinion about BK for a free Whopper.

Survey Name mybkexperience
Rewards Free Whopper Sandwich
Store Receipt Required? Yes
Link to Survey



mybkexperience: Prerequisites

mybkexperience prerequisites

Below given are the prerequisites for participating in the mybkexperience survey:

  • Latest Burger King receipt.
  • An uninterrupted internet access.

mybkexperience: Rules

my bk experience

  • Your age must be 18 or more.
  • You must be providing your basic contact details.
  • Your discount is applicable for one use only.
  • You must be having a receipt no longer than 48 hours old.

mybkexperience: Reward

Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich burger king whopper

Burger King is rewarding you with a Free WHOPPER Sandwich or an Original Chicken Sandwich, with the purchase of a S/M/L sized drink and fries.

How to complete the mybkexperience survey?

Below given are the step by step guide to completing the mybkexperience survey. Follow the steps given below:

  1. You’ve to visit the Burger King customer survey using their official website, Also click on the button given below these steps to visit that site. 
  2. On the next page, you’ll see a message called “Welcome to the My Burger King Experience Survey“.mybkexperience
  3. Below that, you’ll see “Please enter the restaurant number located on the front of your receipt.” Enter the restaurant number printed on the top of your receipt on the space given.Burger King survey
  4. You can change the language from English to Espanol or Francais, if you want by clicking on the links on this page.
  5. Now on the next page, enter the 20 digit survey code located on the bottom of your receipt. And click on the “START” button.
  6. Now, answer the simple questions your’e asked on the next page, and click on “NEXT” button. Answer all the questions until you come to the last page.www mybkexperience com survey mybkexperience my bk experience mybkexperience
  7. Here, you’ll be given a “Validation Code” which you need to write down on your receipt.mybkexperience
  8. You’ve to carry this with you the next time you’re going to visit Burger King to redeem it.

About Burger King

Burger King is one of the largest chains of hamburger fast food whose headquarters is situated in Miami, Florida, United States. The company has about 15736 outlets in about 100 countries all over the world. Burger King as the name describes one of the best provider of the burgers throughout the world. It provides different types of burgers and other fast food products on various outlet stores. The quality and taste of the burgers provided is just awesome and attracts more customers to its business. You will surely love to revisit the outlet stores once you have ordered something from there.

History of Burger King

The history of the company starts with the establishment of the first store of Burger King at Jacksonville, Florida, the United States in the year 1953. This store was opened by Keith J. Kramer and Matthew Burns and named as Insta-Burger King. The store faced some financial difficulties, and the owners of the store sold the store to Miami based franchises David Edgerton and James McLamore in the year 1954. The new owners of the warehouse renamed the store from Insta-Burger King to Burger King.
With the passing time, the company breaks all the records of growth and soon became the one of the largest fast-food chain company of United States. The Company took the franchises in different countries and had about 15,738 outlets in about 100 countries all over the world.

Various Products offered

Burger King is one of the best providers of fast food Company of United States which have thousands of outlets all over the world. The Company offers a vast variety of fast food products which includes: Hamburgers, Chicken, French fries, Soft drinks, Milkshakes, Salads, Desserts, Breakfast, hot dogs, French toast, Muffins etc. The company took over an acute care of the hygiene, the quality of the products and taste and hence includes an extensive list of happy customers. Moreover, it also provides services for home delivery for the nearby customers. You can order online or by making a direct call to the nearest outlets and enjoy your favourite fast food at your doorsteps.

Franchises and International operations

The Burger King Company start Franchising in the year 1959 and till now have achieved 100% franchised achievement with about 15,738 franchise in about 32,000 locations all over the world. It has now become the 2nd largest chain of hamburger fast food service all over the world after McDonald’s.

Charitable organization

Burger King is also connected with various charitable organizations and also owns two in-house charity. These organizations focus on serious problems like hunger alleviation, prevention of different diseases and also work for the different programs that run for motivating people for education. An educated society helps in establishing a fresh, healthy and well-groomed atmosphere. Thus the Burger King along with their franchises work for various charitable trusts and organizations for the welfare of poor and needy people. Burger King also provides funds for the people suffering from fatal diseases like cancer.

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Need Help?

You can contact the Burger King customer service if you came across any issue with the mybkexperience survey. Below given are their customer service details:

Burger King Customer Service Phone Number

Below given is the customer service toll free number for Burger King. It is available from 7am – 11pm CST.



Did you get your Validation code from Burger King experience survey. If you liked this post on mybkexperience survey, do comment down your experience. It’ll help other people visiting this page too.

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